Hydro Slider Sandals


Item number: CDFAD-NTAJR

Eco-friendly EVA sole with full toe lift and arch support. Sole also has a recessed heel and non-slip bottom..


YS        Youth Small        Size 10

YM        Youth Medium        Size 13

YL        Youth Large        Size 3

L6-7.5        Ladies Small        Sizes 6-7.5

L8-10        Ladies Medium        Sizes 8-10

M9-11        Mens Large        Sizes 9-11

M11.5-13        Mens X-Large        Sizes 11.5-13

Price:  $29.50

Colors: Black

Imprint Information: Strap imprint area; Embossed

Price Includes: CCK logo on top strap

This product requires a minimum of 24 pieces to be ordered as a group before a stock order will be placed.  Delivery will depend on when the minimum order number is reached

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